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Update by user Dec 08, 2016


Brad Metcalf of Chrome Cards and I finally reached an amicable resolution and Brad sent me the National Treasures "Famous Jameis" inscribed 1/1 Shield RPA and I am thrilled!

Original review posted by user Aug 06, 2016

Sports Card dealer BRAD METCALF, owner of Chrome Cards LLC is an unethical crook, scammer and liar who is also extremely crude, combustible and combative and should be avoided at all costs!

Brad Metcalf and Chrome Cards LLC defrauded me out of the 2015 National Treasures Jameis Winston 1/1 NFL Shield Autographed and Inscribed "Famous Jameis" true rookie card.

Now, before you say, “so, what, just move on, you’re not perfect either”, please understand I know I am not perfect. I have a habit of acting, talking and writing like a know-it-all. I am a bit anti-social and may come off as aloof

And, before you say, “who cares, it’s just a little piece of carboard”, please understand the redemption card for this card originally sold for $6,425! This is no ordinary little piece of cardboard.

And, to make matters worse, AFTER Brad Metcalf and Chrome Cards LLC defrauded me out of the aforementioned card, he tried to scam me again out of another $2,100 in cash on a separate deal … and when I refused to be scammed, he went ballistic, got extremely verbally abusive, threatened to destroy my reputation, sue me, file a police report on me claiming I had stolen from him!

Imagine having your house broken into, and then having the crook threaten to sue you because he got hurt running down your steps … that crook is basically Brad Metcalf in a nutshell!

Below I will detail exactly what happened:

1.) The redemption card for the 2015 National Treasures Jameis Winston NFL Shield Patch 1/1 Autographed true rookie card was originally listed in an eBay auction. I contacted Brad Metcalf of Chrome Cards LLC and told him that if he bought the card I would make it worth his while and offer him a great trade package of cards as well as an acceptable amount of cash. Brad Metcalf agreed as he knew I was the biggest Jameis Winston collector out there, and he won the card for $6,425.

2.) Brad Metcalf and I then agreed to a trade package that we each valued at a $7,000 net cash value (9% more than he had paid for the card originally) that would see me send (25) cards I owned and $687.75 in cash to Brad Metcalf and he would send me the card that he received for submitting the redemption to Panini (the makers of the card).

3.) Brad Metcalf then said I could just wait to pay him until the card was in his hands, but I said that I wanted everything “set in stone” and immediately paid the entire cash portion of the trade. Brad Metcalf then said “there is no going back now” and also said that even if he received a $20,000+ offer he would turn it down as the card was all mine. Brad then said I could hold onto the physical cards until he received the card being mailed to him by Panini as that was only fair and I agreed.

4.) Around one month later Panini announced they had destroyed the original card they had planned to send in exchange for the redemption and had a new one created that also had a “Famous Jameis” inscription on it.

5.) When Brad Metcalf heard this news, greed took over, and he emailed me saying that he would not honor our trade agreement because he felt the card was now worth $15,000 instead of the $6,425 he had paid (which is absurd as an inscription adds maybe a couple hundred dollars at best to the value of a card) and therefore was an entirely different card, so he didn’t have to honor our deal.

6.) I immediately contacted Panini to alert them to what he was trying to do and they were very understanding, acknowledged that the card they were sending him was still the same 2015 National Treasures NFL Shield Jameis Winston 1/1 autographed true rookie card, and were also very apologetic, but said that they still had to send the card to Brad Metcalf as technically his name was on the redemption form that was submitted.

NOTE: To anyone who thinks it was acceptable or legal for Brad Metcalf to refuse to honor the deal because Panini created a new card, you are wrong. My deal with Brad was for whatever card he received based on the redemption. I could have just sent the original card into Panini myself and asked for a replacement! This would be like someone making an offer on a house with a move-in date 90 days in the future, and in those 90 days a tree smashes through the old front door and owner files an insurance claim, receives a nice brand new front door worth more than the old one, and then says he has the legal right to back out of the house sale simply because his new door is worth a bit more than his old door … ridiculous! This was all explained to Brad Metcalf and he didn’t care … he was just greedy and is a crook, period!

7.) I then issued Brad Metcalf and Chrome Cards LLC with legal notice that I was contesting ownership of the card, that they were committing a crime, and also threatened to sue Brad Metcalf for breach of contract.

8.) After many verbally abusive emails from Brad Metcalf, and after he made it clear that he would do whatever it took to make sure the authorities could never confiscate the card (which apparently met he would either sell it secretly or simply hide the card and claim to have lost it, etc.), I decided the best course of action was to complete a different deal as long as I could have a legal "first right of refusal" on the “Famous Jameis” card.

9.) Brad Metcalf then refunded my initial $687.75 and we both agreed to a trade that would see my same original (25) cards go to Brad and (2) other Jameis Winston 1/1 autographed sports cards he had as well as $2,500 cash go to me. However, as he said he could not pay the $2,500 for 2-4 weeks, but that he had recently consigned $150,000 worth of cards to eBay seller Probstein123, we both agreed that I would send (22) of the (25) cards to him immediately, he would send the (2) new Jameis 1/1 autographed cards to me immediately, and that he would pay the $2,500 cash on or before July 20, 2016, at which point in time I would send him the remaining (3) cards he was to receive.

10.) Brad Metcalf then refused to pay the $2,500 he owed, and when I demanded payment he said he had just bought 100 new cases of 2015 Topps Chrome football cards instead of paying me!

11.) I then made it clear that he owed me the money, should not have bought (100) cases of cards instead of paying his debt, and also that he had many nice cards listed on eBay that he could just auction or consign to pay off his debt. However Brad Metcalf refused and simply said he was not going to auction any of his cards listed on eBay in “Buy it Now” format as they would sell for more if he waited until the new NFL season started.

12.) I then found out that not only was Brad Metcalf refusing to pay the $2,500 he owed me, he had actually started advertising and selling off the (22) cards he had already received from me! Brad Metcalf was committing a crime and selling cards he had no legal right to sell as he had not yet completed the trade in full and was even outright refusing to do so!

13.) Brad Metcalf finally replied to me and stated that he had a couple new 1/1 cards that were worth $2,100 and that I also had one new card he wanted which he would pay $750 for, and that he could send me his two new cards and pay me $1,150 in cash to complete our original deal, plus acquire the new $750 card. I told Brad that such an idea "should work" and asked to see hi-res scans of the back of the new cards, and asked him what the condition of the "patch" on the one Immaculate card he was sending was, as I was nervous that because in a past trade I had completed with Brad Metcalf, two of the cards he sent me had significant condition issues on the backside of the cards that he did not alert me to before he mailed them. I accepted both of those cards without making too much of a fuss or asking for any sort of partial refund, but I didn’t want to be taken advantage of again.

14.) Brad Metcalf didn't reply to my email, did not send me scans of the back of the cards, did not answer my question about the condition of the patch on the Immaculate card, and then later emailed me and said his wife had already mailed me the cards and he had already sent the $1,150 cash so the deal was complete and I was bound to mail him the (3) remaining cards as well as the new $750 card he wanted right away.

15.) I then told Brad Metcalf that I needed to see the cards his wife mailed before just accepting them as being worth the $2,100 he said they were, and that I felt it was very strange that he was refusing to send hi-res scans, or even mere pictures of the backs of the cards, and refusing to answer my question about the "patch" on the one Immaculate card.

16.) I then told Brad Metcalf that I would need to examine the two cards he sent before I would send him the four cards, and that if the cards he sent were not worth what he claimed they were worth, that I would return them to him and allow him to pay the remaining $2,100 he owed me for the remaining three cards plus the one new card he agreed to purchase.

17.) Brad Metcalf then went ballistic and accused me of stealing, threatened to file a Police report and have me arrested, threatened to sue me and threatened to destroy my reputation, while also verbally abusing and insulting me every step of the way.

18.) Brad Metcalf then admitted that he never had any intention of paying me the $2,500 cash portion that was part of the original agreement and that he would basically do whatever it took to destroy me for being “difficult” and not just doing what he told me to do.

19.) Brad Metcalf then claimed that I was hurting his business as he was going to the National Sports Card show and needed me to mail the four cards immediately (see attached photo). This was a lie as he later admitted on an online forum that he was not going to the National (see attached photo).

20.) Brad Metcalf also tried to extort $15,000 from me by telling me that he had a $15,000 offer on the table for the Famous Jameis card I have a contested ownership on, and that he was going to sell it for that price if I did not pay him within 48 hours (see attached photo). This too was a lie as he later admitted on the same online forum that he has never tried to sell the card and that it is not for sale (see attached photo).

21.) The two cards Brad Metcalf sent arrived at my rental apartment in the U.S. just before I was slated to go home to Canada, so I picked the package up and took it to Canada with me, as I wanted to have a friend there video-tape the opening of the package Brad Metcalf sent containing the two cards. When we did so, we found out the reason Brad Metcalf never sent pics or scans of the backs of the cards, scans or answered my question about the condition of the "patch" on the Immaculate card, as the cards were not in "perfect" condition like he said they were, were not worth anywhere near $2,100, and worst of all, the Immaculate card was not even a patch card and also had severe chipping on the left edge on the front of the card which could not be seen in the conveniently low-res image he provided me with of the front of the card!

22.) I then postal mailed those two cards Brad Metcalf had sent me, right back to him, and my friend video-recorded the entire thing so that Brad Metcalf could not lie and claim I kept the cards and stole from him.

23.) I also decided to do Brad Metcalf a favor, as he had complained about being in financial difficulty, not being able to pay his employee which happened to be his own sister, and because I just felt bad for him, despite him treating me like garbage. I included (2) of the (3) cards that he had contracted to pay the $2,500 on, in the return mail package (the insertion of those two cards was also video-recorded so Brad Metcalf can’t lie and say I never sent them), as those two cards were not worth more than the $1,150 cash he had paid up to that point, as he and I both only valued them at $1,000, and included a letter in the package saying I would give him until the start of the NFL season to pay the remaining $2,100 cash due to acquire the remaining cards, as that is the exact amount he still owed me.

24.) Since the above occurred, Brad Metcalf has continued to act like a literal psychopath. He has not only verbally abused me and threatened to destroy my reputation, he has even claimed to have filed a police reporting claiming I stole from him, have filed a civil case against me, and has slandered me all over the internet!

25.) I have made it expressly clear to Brad Metcalf that I have no worries whatsoever about a Police investigation or a civil lawsuit, as all the emails we exchanged as well as the video-recordings I have, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a veritable crazy man, allergic to telling the truth, extremely unethical, and a crook!

26.) In conclusion, until Brad Metcalf pays me the $2,100 he owes me, I have a contested ownership claim on the 2015 National Treasures Jameis Winston NFL Shield 1/1 autographed and inscribed "Famous Jameis" true rookie card, period. And, if and when Brad Metcalf does stop acting like a lunatic and pays what he owes, I will still have a legal "first right of refusal" on the card in perpetuity.

27.) Finally, please do not buy that card from Brad Metcalf and Chrome Cards LLC without alerting me first and also not before demanding Brad Metcalf issue you a signed and notarized legal affidavit stating he guarantees clear title and will defend, at his own cost, against any and all legal issues that arise as a result of that card!

Thank you for taking the time to read this report, and please be careful investing in sports cards. They are no longer just child’s play as each card can be worth thousands of dollars and each transaction needs to be treated with care and safety.


Thank you for taking the time to read this report, and please be careful investing in sports cards. They are no longer just child’s play as each card can be worth thousands of dollars and each transaction needs to be treated with care and safety.


This person wrote the review because of "brad metcalf is a scammer & crook" of sports cards from Chrome Cards and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $9100 and wants Chrome Cards to have the product delivered.

The most disappointing in user's experience was brad metcalf is extremely unethical. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Chrome Cards for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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******* THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED!!!!!!! *******

Brad Metcalf of Chrome Cards and I finally reached an amicable resolution and Brad sent me the National Treasures "Famous Jameis" inscribed 1/1 Shield RPA and I am thrilled!

Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #1216617

Get a life and find something else to complain about. I have an idea.

So they are thinking of bringing in a new muppet character on Sesame Street. Get in on that conversation you egotistical, bratty, ignorant rant.

Tempe, Arizona, United States #1205681

ummm....shouldn't you return his cards and money too? the deal was contingent on the original card and per you and him the deal changed when the card changed correct?

it's not the same card, not even sure why panini would talk to you since you did not redeem as his name is all over it. both of you appear to be rather childish about this.

the blowout thread will be the first thing to pop up and your banning there says a lot since he is still there. also did you even bring up the fact that you say you live in canada and say he needs to file charges there but have everything going to the US and refuse to solve any problems or deal with the real issues?

to Anonymous #1206029

Thank you for your comment, however I think you are misunderstanding exactly what happened.

The original deal went to pot, no doubt about that. However, after that happened we worked out other deals, and one of these other deals is the current cause of all the consternation.

Brad Metcalf (Chrome Cards LLC) admitted himself in his own eBay ad for the Jameis NT Shield card that I have contested ownership and that I have a legal first right of refusal.

He may edit the add as he's all fired up now, but I have the screen shot to prove he himself admitted such.

Anyways, the current issue is not regarding the shield card at all but is regarding an entirely different deal of (2) of his cards and $2,500 cash for (25) of my cards. He completed part of the deal and then refused to pay the cash. He has admitted he owed me the $2,500 time and again but ultimately tried to get out of that by trading me some cash and two more cards. However, he refused to show me a pic of the back of the cards or even clear pics of the front of the cards and when they arrived the one had severe damage to the left edge on the front and both cards had damage to the backs.

Anyways, he is now claiming he is going to sue and that I stole his cards and the $1,150 cash he paid but he is lying through his teeth and he knows it.

If you go to the RIPOFFREPORT I have posted which he responded to, there is more info as well as a screenshot of the tracking info.

Brad knows I have a video-recording proving I mailed him back his damaged cards, postal tracking confirming he received the package and a Paypal receipt proving I even refunded the overage portion he paid even though he still technically owed me $1,350 cash ... however, he doesn't care. The guy, and his wife Kristen seem allergic to telling the truth and believe they can just lie loud and long on the internet as some will believe them and that's all they care about. If this ever goes to court, Brad and his wife will surely be exposed for the lying scammers they are, period.

As for BO ... I was suspended for arguing religion and also saying that Steph Curry didn't deserve his MVP as he is a "one-way player" and the mod considered that "trolling". I was not suspended do to anything trade or purchase related. However, interestingly on the very day I was to be reinstated I was banned after telling Brad I would expose him on BO ...

no doubt that one of the mods is covering up for his buddy Brad. In fact, many BO members asked for me to be re-instated and some have wanted to know details on this case yet the mods will only allow Brad's side to be told on that site which is quite fishy. One mod claimed I was banned because I started a new account but that is a bold-faced lie, as I ONLY started the second account AFTER I was banned as my ban was unjust, which proves that I was banned for some mysterious reason before even doing anything against their rules, as how could I have violated their rules while suspended ... the whole thing is silly.

Regardless, many BO members know the truth of what happened and still deal with me first when they get Jameis 1/1 cards in stock. They know not to rock the boat at BO or risk getting suspended or banned, but they know the score and they know Brad is a ***-man.

Hubbardston, Michigan, United States #1202044

Brad isn't all bad. I've done some deals with him but this report is eye-opening. He is a hot-head and isn't the easiest guy to get along with but this report really shows that even guys who are "okay" to you might be complete creeps if a lot of $$$$ is involved.

I won't ever buy from Chrome Cards again.


Brad Metcalf is a scammer indeed!

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